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Canadian Business - Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, any personal information you post on Canadian Idea Business will not be shared with a third party, that includes:

1- The feedback form
2- Contact advertiser form
3- Signup form

The form mail included in each business profile page to enable you to contact the advertiser collects some personal information, your full personal information will be sent only to advertisers those signed up our privacy policy which prevents them from sharing these information any third party. Any advertiser that doesn't sign up our privacy policy will not receive your personal information, he will still be able to receive the content of your message and replay it using the site, but he will not be able to see your name, email and your phone number.

Canadian Idea Business doesn't require any personal information other than your email address (for business submission) which will be use only to send you notifications about your subscription status, this email will not be shared with any third party. As a business directory we have the right to publish all your business's information, if you do not want to share some information in public please do not include it in your profile.

All statistics provided by Canadian Idea Business in public are internal statistics that doesn't express the actual popularity of your website, it shows only the popularly of your website within our directory Canadian Idea Business