How Much Does an Employment Lawyer Earn in the UK?

There are professions that are economically satisfactory, because they allow those who practice them to have comfortable and solvent lives, and many times, according to what is investigated about how lucrative one or another profession can be, people make the decision to specialize by carrying out studies to develop a specific profession.

An Employment lawyer is a profession that allows those who practice it with efficiency and preparation to obtain satisfactory remuneration, and to achieve acceptable economic positions.

How much does an Employment lawyer earn in the UK?

An employment law practitioner in the UK can earn up to £40,000 per annum when they are newly qualified, which means that this income improves substantially as they gain experience in their role.

To this income must be added other remuneration for various concepts such as bonuses, which according to statistical studies of specialized average salaries report that for a novice Employment lawyer in the United Kingdom is around £7,100, the employment law professionals in this nation who receive this income figure do not exceed 34 years of age on average.

On the other hand it is stipulated that once they have achieved minimum experience of at least 5 years, basic incomes without bonuses range from £67,000 to £73,000, while more experienced ones with more than 5 years’ experience, and who may work for a number of major organizations, can achieve incomes of between £104,000 and £113,000.

How long does an employment lawyer work in the UK?

An overall average hour per week is in the order of 35 hours, of which no more than 3 hours are spent on litigation work, meaning that most of the work is spent on one-to-one client care, drafting and research work.

Most of these lawyers feel satisfaction and passion for the work they do and for the remuneration they get from it, confirming that this profession is profitable in this nation for those who practice it with dedication, with opportunism and with a good management of their skills.

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