What Are My Legal Rights As A Contract Employee?

As the decades have passed, so too has how we traditionally think of conventional areas. One of those areas has to do with how our workforce is structured in general. In the past, the employer-to-employee relationship was rudimentary in its basic foundation.

Sometimes, the lines become a bit more blurred in our modern-day society. Some employers may hire contract employees to assist in the organization’s operations. However, just because the worker is on a contract for their tenure doesn’t mean they have rights. The following goes a bit more in-depth with that notion.

1. Termination And Severance

Concerning an employee’s contract, many aspects dictate the length of their tenure. Should this result in eventual termination, a contract employee may consider some things. Depending on the nature of the contract, severance will play a factor.

Typically, many employees on payroll will receive severance pay after being dismissed. If the contract employee is on a fixed term and is terminated before it expires, they receive severance. The payout amount will ultimately depend on what was stated in the contract.

2. Classification

As mentioned previously, how you are professionally described may be a bit blurry. If you happen to be a contract employee, you must first look at how your duties are illustrated. Sometimes, if you happen to be performing more than what was stipulated, you are technically an employee.

You should only be conducting your responsibilities if they are directly stated within the given contract. If you are not, it might be time to discuss this appropriately with your employer. Employment law protects you through this type of classification, should you decide to take action.

3. Income Tax

One of the most important areas of working as a contract worker has to do with how income tax is handled. Once tax season rolls around, you should make every move to a state where you are indeed a contract worker. If you do not, you could be misrepresented as an employee after filing your taxes.

This is where classification becomes much more crucial in the long run. Speak to your employer about who will be organizing your tax documentation, such as the T4 slip, if you are in Canada. The individual handling this aspect of income season is crucial for more than obvious reasons.

4. Proving Your Classification

If some situations devolve, and you are forced to head to court, it is important to keep various documentation on hand. These documents and records will go a long way in proving your actual classification to a judge. For example, make sure that you have the right records of employment denoting each contractual term.

These pieces of documentation are especially important, as it demonstrates to a judge the length of your tenure. Other pieces of documentation, such as correspondence, could go a long way in proving your classification too. If you were subject to a specific code of conduct by your employer, that could act as proof as well.

5. Increasing Responsibility

As mentioned previously, your contract should inevitably dictate how much you are supposed to do at work. If you find that your responsibilities are increasing, but not your position in the company, you could take action. Underemployment law, you can use this added responsibility to take legal action.

Your employer is bound by employment law to appropriately describe your responsibilities in your contract. This can be seen as binding, and it will be for the duration of the contract itself. To help prove this further in court, you can also demonstrate that your job title itself has not been altered. Every little bit helps when it comes to safeguarding your rights!

6. Employment Lawyer Advice

The lines of any working arrangement can be so nuanced that they can be misconstrued. That is why it is crucial to speak to a lawyer to clarify your role. Employment lawyers specifically are the best in their craft and can offer numerous services.

For example, they will advise you on your role as a contract worker. If any area is unclear or many red flags present, be sure to ask questions. It is in their best interest to fairly advise you on how to proceed if your case happens to be doable. As a contract worker, do not forget that you have the right to a job!


How To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Crypto Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is the foundation from which you will launch your campaigns to purchase and sell bitcoin. You will need to sign up with one of the many that are currently available. You can choose from hybrid, decentralized, and also centralized accounts. Although most of them will look appealing, based on their website, you do need to do some research. It’s important to know what types of precautions they have set up to protect your anonymity and the money you are investing. It is common today to hear about platforms that have been hacked and millions of dollars that have been lost. Although it’s more difficult with money connected to the blockchain, it is still something that could happen. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that will do its best to protect you.

What Safeguards Do Cryptocurrency Exchanges Offer?

To protect yourself against the potential hackers stealing your investments, it’s good to work with a centralized system. Digital currency exchanges are not all created equal. In most cases, a centralized exchange will be the most protected. They tend to offer FDIC insurance for all deposits. If you have deposited up to $250,000, this will be covered by this insurance. However, it is recommended that you keep most of the money that you are investing offered that account as you never know what hackers will be able to do.

How To Choose The Best One Available

Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange should begin with looking at what other people are saying. We live in a world where social media, and online reviews, can provide us with almost instantaneous information. Platforms that are riddled with complaints are the ones you will want to avoid. If there have been positive stories on major news media about certain ones, take that information into consideration. Finally, learn about the fees that they charge for the transactions that will occur on their platforms. All of this information can contribute to avoiding cryptocurrency platforms that are being less than honest.

When choosing a best crypto exchange Canada, always go through the process of evaluating them in depth. Never take at face value information they are providing on their own website. Research what others are saying about these different platforms. Make sure that they are properly insured. Consider the fees that they charge, and find out if they have ever been hacked recently or in the distant future. By doing this research now, you can make sure that you are choosing the best crypto exchange.


Tips On Locating The Best Wholesale Home Décor Company

Most people will agree that obtaining any item at a wholesale price would be much better than paying full retail. Businesses that offer items designated for home decor projects often charge the most that they can to make a profit. Unless you are a business that is purchasing these items in bulk, getting a discount can be quite difficult. Fortunately, there are several solutions for finding these companies that will sell to you at a below retail cost.

Typical Items For Home Decor Projects

There are so many items that you can replace in your home when doing these home decorating projects. Every room is going to be completely different. In the bedroom, you may want to replace the bed, the nightstands, or even the rugs that are on the floor. You can also redecorate your living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and even areas like the foyer or hallways. By adding pictures on the walls, or replacing loveseats that you have had for years, you can change the look of any room in your home.

How To Find Wholesale Providers

Once you have created a floor plan, and you have taken proper measurements, you will be ready to order certain items. If you are replacing a canopy bed or a stereo system in your living room, you will know exactly how large or small it will need to be. However, knowing this information is not going to save you any money. By searching for wholesale home decor providers online, you can find several different businesses. Some of them will work with individuals that are doing independent home decorating projects. These are the companies that you will need in order to save money.

There are so many companies that offer wholesale home decor items online. You may even be able to find one that is close to your current location. If it is only a few miles away, you can have everything delivered the same day you place your order. However, for the best deals, you may have to wait several days, or perhaps a week, for it to be shipped to you. By ordering in bulk, you may also be able to save money doing so. It just depends on the business that you are working with. That’s why it’s important to find many different providers for home decor items. By picking and choosing from what they have available, you can save money and literally transform the interior of your home.


How Much Does an Employment Lawyer Earn in the UK?

There are professions that are economically satisfactory, because they allow those who practice them to have comfortable and solvent lives, and many times, according to what is investigated about how lucrative one or another profession can be, people make the decision to specialize by carrying out studies to develop a specific profession.

An Employment lawyer is a profession that allows those who practice it with efficiency and preparation to obtain satisfactory remuneration, and to achieve acceptable economic positions.

How much does an Employment lawyer earn in the UK?

An employment law practitioner in the UK can earn up to £40,000 per annum when they are newly qualified, which means that this income improves substantially as they gain experience in their role.

To this income must be added other remuneration for various concepts such as bonuses, which according to statistical studies of specialized average salaries report that for a novice Employment lawyer in the United Kingdom is around £7,100, the employment law professionals in this nation who receive this income figure do not exceed 34 years of age on average.

On the other hand it is stipulated that once they have achieved minimum experience of at least 5 years, basic incomes without bonuses range from £67,000 to £73,000, while more experienced ones with more than 5 years’ experience, and who may work for a number of major organizations, can achieve incomes of between £104,000 and £113,000.

How long does an employment lawyer work in the UK?

An overall average hour per week is in the order of 35 hours, of which no more than 3 hours are spent on litigation work, meaning that most of the work is spent on one-to-one client care, drafting and research work.

Most of these lawyers feel satisfaction and passion for the work they do and for the remuneration they get from it, confirming that this profession is profitable in this nation for those who practice it with dedication, with opportunism and with a good management of their skills.

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Toronto, ON M5H 3P5


5 SEO Practices That Can Help Increase Website’s Traffic

The most important wish for most business owners and marketers is more customers. The next thing on their wish list is more traffic toward their store or website. Marketers can increase traffic to their website in many ways, including these five SEO practices discussed below.

1. Social Media

It is no longer enough for a marketer to create content and hope that the target audience will find it. Marketers in today’s competitive business environment have to take a proactive approach to reach their target audience. Promoting content on social media channels is one of the best and cost-effective ways to increase traffic to a website. Google+ can help rank higher on search engines, while Twitter and Facebook can help reach out to millions of your target audience within seconds.

2. Optimize SEO On-Page

On-page optimization remains a worthwhile and valuable practice in SEO marketing. Use of image alt text and linking your content to internal links is still an effective way to increase traffic to your website. Optimizing your web content doesn’t have to take ages. It can be as simple as including a meta description to every content you upload on your website. On-page optimization is a sure way to draw organic traffic towards a website. Find more information and learn from the available resources on the website.

3. Prioritize Your Headlines

Headlines are a crucial part of web content. Even a resourceful blog post can go unnoticed if it doesn’t have a compelling headline. So, marketers should strive to master the art of writing irresistible headlines.

4. Keywords

Don’t just cover popular keywords and high-intent keywords and call it a day. Long-tail keywords are crucial too. Research shows that these keywords account for most web searches. So, you could be missing out if you don’t consider them as part of your SEO efforts.

5. Prioritize Mobile-Optimization

A few years ago, online marketing was done exclusively on desktops. However, everything has changed as more people switch to mobile devices whenever they want to access the internet. Making it mandatory for web users to use desktops whenever they want to access your website can amount to telling them to turn elsewhere. Your website could be basic, but you have to make it viewable and accessible across various devices, including tablets and smartphones. Nothing frustrates web users than a non-responsive page. Optimize your web pages as much as you can to keep the bounce rate low. The faster a website can load, the higher the traffic and the more resourceful it is.


Top 5 Things To Look For in a Moving Company

You need to plan, organize, and take into account several things as you relocate. Besides searching for a new home and figuring out the logistics for moving, you need to look for a moving company. Hiring movers will significantly simplify the moving process. Experienced moving companies handle the most challenging stages of the moving process, eliminating stress and damage to your items. However, choosing a random mover will not help because it might even make your move more stressful. To assist you in selecting a moving company, here are things that you should prioritize.

1. Good Reviews

You can use online reviews to learn more about moving companies. Customers often leave reviews if they had a good or bad experience with the mover. You can also lookup for moving company reviews from websites to learn about other customers’ experiences with specific movers. Looking at customer reviews might even give you clues on vital variables that you would not have known.

2. Recommendations From Trustworthy People

Before you look into anything else, ensure that you trust a moving company. Besides, you are about to trust the company with all your valuables. Therefore, you need to be sure that the mover is trustworthy enough before hiring. Ask co-workers, neighbors, or friends for possible recommendations. Ensure that the people you ask are from your close circle and have had a successful move. You may get their experiences even with top-rated moving companies on moving fees, attitude, or how they handle belongings. If you want to learn more, Hudson Movers has more resources available on their website.

3. Transparent Rates

Most moving companies give rates based on the time you need to move, your belongings, and the location. However, remember that other charges could be incurred, such as additional packing materials, heavy objects, or storage charges. That is why you should ask about extra fees before hiring a mover to avoid huge unexpected moving bills.

4. License and Insurance

The place you are relocating to plays an integral role in knowing the required company’s licenses. An in-state relocation often requires state licensing, but across-the state move might require other licenses. Ensure that the movers you choose have the necessary licenses by checking on the official database. You also want to make sure that the mover you hire is insured. Avoid hiring unlicensed moving companies if you’re going to ensure the safety of your valuables. Additionally, confirm with the mover if your belongings are covered during relocation and if you need supplemental insurance.

5. A Good Fit for Individual Needs

Every move will differ from your previous one or with another person. You need to ensure that the movers you hire can accommodate your needs and belongings. Consider your individual needs and ask relevant questions. For instance, you might want to know if the mover offers additional packing supplies, has the right size of moving truck, or is available in a time window that suits your needs.